Here is the title and an excerpt from the introduction to the book-

The GENE Makeover - The 21st Century Anti-Aging Breakthrough - The Three Secrets to Life Extension and Optimal Health Span

"Looking for the Fountain of Youth? Look no further. All the keys are hidden in your body's unique genetic code". 

The authors continue by saying that "Thanks to the latest advances in genetic science, you no longer have to be a victim of your genetic inheritance".

Drs.Giampapa, Beuchel and Keratoprak discuss 5 key groups of health control genes, and how you can influence them with nutraceuticals, supplements, exercise and lifestyle changes. By doing that, "you can increase your lifespan and decrease your risk of developing certain diseases".

At Quantum Vitality Centres, we like to give you options - so YOU can choose the path that best meets your goals. Although there are many biomarkers that can help us evaluate your health and vitality (see our "28 Day Vitality Challenge"), none is as obvious as the outward appearance of your largest excretory organ- your SKIN! For most people, skin is what tells others how old you are (or look).

The initial step in our Youth Enhancement Services is to obtain a baseline measurement of your "skin age" as compared to your biological age. Our sophisticated camera system (similar to ones used by aestheticians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons) has the software to precisely measure the % of wrinkles in your skin and the % of UV damage. With that data, it tells you exactly what your "Skin Age" is, compared to your actual biological age!


Based on the "Skin Age" analysis and your personal goals, a Youth Enhancement Services program will be developed for you. Successful implementation will be evidenced how much younger you look afterwards. (The software will actually calculate your % of improvement).

For you to maximize your Youth Enhancement, one or more all natural products may be recommended. NOTE: We do NOT use Human Growth Hormone (HGH) or similar medical hormone approaches, as their long term safety has not been established.  

For an overview of the health benefits of those products, please review the following investigative reports and videos:(click on to view)

Diane Sawyer -  Reversing chromosomal damage &  increasing telomere length

Barbara Walters - Powerful anti-aging properties of resveratrol ("Reserve")

Dr. Michael Nobel - Detoxification with "Propectin"

Dr. Michael Newman - Cellular regeneration with "Luminesce" 

John Quinones - Reversing the biological clock with "Protandim"

ISAGENIX - Science behind the "Rejuvity" system

After reviewing the above information, we invite you to call our office and schedule your free consultation. Once we determine what your initial goals are, we will proceed with your "FREE Skin Age" test. At that time, we will schedule your follow-up appointment so that we can review the results with you. A personalized Youth Enhancement Service plan will be explained to you, and you can decide how you proceed at that point.

Call our office to schedule - 352.430.3399. We look forward to a younger and more vital you!