Computer Assisted Manipulation

Chiropractic care - without the "cracking"
One of the treatment options we offer our patients who are not comfortable with manual manipulation of the spine is a hand-held analysis and adjusting instrument- the PULSTAR. This instrument uses a gentle vibration to help our doctors analyze their patient's spines for stiffness, or "fixations"- in less than 30 seconds.

As the spine is being analyzed, the results display on the computer's monitor in both numeric and graphic format - and are also stored for documentation purposes. The analyses are accurate, repeatable, scientific, and give the doctor the kind of information and documentation not seen before.

Once the relative stiffness level of each vertebra is determined, the PULSTAR software helps the doctor select specific vertebrae to be "adjusted". Then, the PULSTAR's "Multiple Impulse Therapy" delivers a gentle vibration to the vertebra - until the software determines that the joint returns to a normal range of stiffness. PULSTAR knows when the treatment is done!

After each treatment, the analysis mode can be used to demonstrate and document the changes made by the treatment - in graphic and numeric format. In fact, the software calculates the precise percentage of improvement!

This gentle form of "manipulation" is effective in most spinal conditions, and can be used safely with children and geriatric patients.