To complement nutritional services previously offered (see the separate "Services" tab for "Nutrition"), our office recently added a breakthrough, cutting edge technology to help patients with their food choices.

We are happy to introduce the HEMOCODE program director, Dr. Brad Chapman. Dr. Chapman is a retired chiropractic physician who is bringing this technology to our office - currently the only location within The Villages community.



Dr. Brad Chapman is a 1981 graduate of the National University of Heath Sciences in Chicago, Illinois. 

Prior to attaining his Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Chapman completed his B.S. in Human Biology at the same institution.

Dr. Chapman is also a multi-clinic founder and manager of full service clinics, treating neurological, muscular and skeletal disorders, including work, auto and sports injuries.

He grew his first clinic from full time private practice to a multi-clinic organization in Illinois, including clinical and administrative divisions.

Dr. Chapman is one of only a handful of Illinois Chiropractic Physicians to have been appointed to the Special Medical Staff at two Chicago area hospitals.

In his spare time, he writes medical articles for Chiropractic professional publications, and is recognized as a leader in one-on-one training and coaching for new and existing chiropractic offices.  

Traverse Chiropractic and Wellness is fortunate to have such an experienced and caring doctor on their staff.  He looks forward to meeting our wonderful patients and has said, 

“To be a doctor is to care for the health and welfare of all.  It is a responsibility I take seriously, and it’s the reason I go to such length to make sure my patients are satisfied with the care they receive.”


Q. How can the HEMOCODE™ System help me live a better, healthier lifestyle? 
A. The HEMOCODE™ System evaluates 250 common foods and additives, which may potentially offend and adversely affect personal wellness. Everything we eat can elicit a positive or negative reaction in the body. If you are intolerant to a certain food and you keep eating it, your body will mount an inflammatory reaction. This reaction may manifest in a variety of lifestyle affecting conditions such as: headaches, chronic pain, bloating, sleeplessness, digestive disorders and many more. Removing the offending foods from your diet, for a recommended period of time, allows your body to heal. After following the elimination recommendations, these foods may eventually be reintroduced without a problem. Since foods affect different people in different ways; food intolerances are unique to each of us. The key is knowing what foods affect YOU. 

Q. Does the HEMOCODE™ System test for food allergies? 
A. No. The HEMOCODE™ System identifies immune-system based food intolerances/sensitivities which unlike allergies, are delayed reactions to some of the foods and additives we consume. Allergies often manifest immediately, and may be life threatening. Food intolerances reveal themselves over time and while not LIFE threatening, are LIFESTYLE threatening. 

Q. How do we get food intolerances? 
A. Food intolerances may be triggered by many factors such as: over consumption, hereditary predisposition, poor digestion, stress and other environmental factors. 

Q. What types of conditions are understood to be associated with food intolerances? 
A. A: Acne, Arthritis, Chronic Diarrhea, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Constipation, Eczema, Headaches (Tension and Migraine), Sinusitis, Weight Imbalance, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Insomnia, and many others. 

Q. What does the HEMOCODE™ System look for? 
A. The HEMOCODE™ System looks for a reaction between a few drops of your blood and specific foods and food additives that may be related to mediation by your complement system and a variety of antibodies. 

Q. What is involved and what do I get with the HEMOCODE™ System? 
A. A simple finger stick blood draw is done, and a short confidential health related questionnaire is completed. 

After processing in our laboratory, you receive: 
• A Personalized color-coded Food Chart: 
Green: Acceptable Foods and Additives 
Yellow: Moderate Intolerance 
Red: Severe Intolerance 

To schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation with Dr. Chapman on the next available Wednesday, just call our office at 352.430.3399. Tell them you want to learn more about the HEMOCODE system.