The field of nutrition has become quite complex, with far too many "experts" espousing their personal point of view on the subject. Trying to determine what "the truth" is can be quite difficult. For many people, the subject is merely overwhelming. As a result, they ignore the subject of nutrition entirely OR just take the simplest path by taking a commercially popular multiple vitamin.

We would like to help you find answers that fit for YOU! So, we offer a FREE 15 minute consultation to discuss your concerns. During that meeting, hopefully we can determine IF our efficient approach to personalized nutrition is right for you. (If your health condition would be best served by a comprehensive "functional medicine" approach using complex blood work and other laboratory testing, will try to help you find a provider that fits those needs).

We use 3 additional steps to determine the ideal nutritional regimen to meet your goals-

1) You complete on online "Symptom Survey" which evaluates your symptoms according to each involved body system. Then, the software makes recommendations of products from STANDARD PROCESS and/or MEDIHERB. (These two sister companies are well established, reputable companies that manufacture whole food and organic products).

2) We will then use bio-energy muscle testing techniques from APPLIED KINESIOLOGY and NUTRITION RESPONSE TESTING to determine which of the software-recommended products may be the most appropriate for you.

3) Based on your personal preferences, we will develop a plan for you. In 45 to 60 days, you will complete a comparison SYMPTOM SURVEY which will measure your progress objectively, and make recommendations for future nutritional needs.