LASER is an acronym for-

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emmission of Radiation

There are two general classes of laser used in healthcare. One, such as a surgical laser, is one that cuts tissue. The other, such as the type used for pain management and rehabilitation purposes, is a laser that heals tissue. This class of laser is categorized as a "therapeutic" laser.

How do therapeutic lasers work? The basic explanation is that the laser is a form of "photo bio-stimulation"(light) that causes the tissue being treated to synchronize with the vibration of the photons of the laser beam. This causes the tissue to "normalize" and heal. (For a review of scientific research on this mechanism, click here)

"Dr. Pete" has been actively involved in laser therapy since 1981 when he was involved in a pilot program to gather data for a major laser manufacturer for submission to the FDA. In those preliminary tests, a 1 milliwatt helium-neon laser(extremely weak by currernt standards) was shown to be effective in the treatment of inflammation in arthritis patients. Based on his early experience in laser therapy, "Dr. Pete" has continued to use laser, and evaluate the evolution of laser - first a Class3 and, now, a Class4 - which produces the Deep Tissue Laser TherapyTM.

In addition to the previous extensive experience with laser, Dr. Pete also completed his certification with the "American Institute of Medical Laser Applications"(AIMLA). He completed this continuing educational program immediately upon the delivery of his LiteCure laser.

Listen to Dr. Pete explain his experience with therapeutic laser-

Therapeutic lasers were approved by the FDA in 2002 with the approval of the first Class3 laser (Low Level Laser Therapy). The next generation Class4 laser was approved in 2003 (as used in LiteCure's Deep Tissue Laser TherapyTM). The difference between these 2 types of laser is the depth of penetration and the amount of power utilized.

The Class4 laser developed by LiteCure provides a unique Deep Tissue Laser TherapyTM stimulation with outstanding therapeutic benefits. The following video shows the difference between Class3 and Class4 laser capabilities, and discusses benefits of Lite Cure's innovative approach.