If you are one of the many people who experience back pain during your normal activities, or if you are developing a noticeable postural impairment, there may be an answer!

In addition to a personalized Strong Posture Exercise Program ("Dr. Pete" is a Posture Exercise Professional), you may benefit from a back support to help you while you- bowl, golf, play pickleball, do yard work, play with your grandchildren, or any of your normal activities. Maybe a back brace will help you just enjoy your daily exercise walks!

Medicare frequently approves back braces for people who-

- Need support while recovering from back surgery

- Have disc problems, either degenerative or herniated

- Suffer from degenerative arthritis or spinal stenosis

- Have pain from a compression fracture

We are proud to announce that we have completed our accreditation as an "Exemplary Provider for Quality Standards", and received Medicare approval as a provider for durable medical equipment. Along with the completion of training and certification as an "Orthotic Fitter","Dr. Pete" can help you and your physician select the brace that is right for you! 

Our staff will be happy to verify your insurance coverage. Many times, your Medicare plans will cover the cost of the brace and follow-up visits at little or no cost to you!

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