See Your Pain

No, you are NOT actually seeing a picture of your pain. But, you ARE actually seeing a heat picture of physiologic changes – which may be the CAUSE of your pain!

In 1987, I was introduced to “Clinical Thermography”. (Some experts call it “thermology”). At that time, I was certain this technology would be the “wave of the future”.  And so, I decided to travel to California and get certified by the California Thermographic Society.

I purchased a system that I believed to be the best available at that time. Our practice incorporated thermography, and implemented an aggressive public education program. We were able to help many people with this new approach. 

Some of the uses for clinical thermography are:
- Arthritis                               - Back and Neck Pain
- Breast Screening              - Cerebrovascular Screening
- Circulation                         - Peripheral Neuropathy
- Pinched Nerves                - Sciatica

According to the International Association of Medical Thermographers(IAMT), records indicate that, in 1700 BC, body temperature variations were used to determine illness. In approximately 400 BC, records indicate the use of heat drying mud on the body was a primitive form of thermography in healthcare.

Thermography Sample

The IAMT website states- “Hippocrates summed it up: In whatever part of the body excess of heat or cold is felt, the disease is there to be discovered.”

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Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Sherry Albert, a certified thermographic technician. She provides thermography services at a number of physician’s offices throughout Florida, and also works with certified medical thermographers who provide the professional diagnostic reports for the studies she performs. Please visit her website at-

We are happy to announce that Ms. Albert will begin making thermographic exams available at Traverse Chiropractic & Wellness beginning on Tuesday, May 7. 

To find out IF thermography is right for you, I am offering a “free thermographic consultation” at our office. Just call our office at 352.430.3399 to schedule that appointment to meet with me, so you and I can discuss how thermography might benefit you.

I look forward to seeing you soon.
“Dr. Pete”