Say "NO" To Drugs

In the United States, people have become accustomed to taking medication - either "over-the-counter" or prescribed by a physician, for the RELIEF of symptoms. Unfortunately, this dependence on a "quick fix" has brought us to the current situation - too many people rely on  medications to cover up the real cause of their health issue.

Fortunately, research has validated the fact that Spinal Manipulative Therapy (Chiropractic Care) is more effective than traditional medical care and pharmaceutical approaches to relieving spinal pain. And, the long term functional improvements favor SMT care.

Researchers contend that SMT is an effective approach to reducing drug use in America. Furthermore, the American Academy of Family Physicians has recommended that referral for SMT should take precedence over a pharmaceutical approach. However, that recommendation has NOT been fully disseminated to the medical community.

Dr. James Chestnut, of The is the pre-eminent research reviewer in the "natural" or "alternative" healing disciplines. He is well known for assimilating research studies, then relaying that information to physicians worldwide.

Please refer to the following reviews of independent studies evaluated by Dr. Chestnut:





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