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Thanks for visiting this page! Having been in clinical practice for 42 years, I will say that this Coronavirus epidemic is gripping our nation like nothing I have ever seen. Because of that, we have decided to develop a new resource to provide the public and our patients information on how to de-stress, be proactive in bolstering their immune systems. That way, on the miniscule chance that you DO encounter someone infected with the COVID-19 virus, your immune system will be better able to withstand the situation.

Hopefully, the worst that will happen to you is to experience mild flu symptoms, which is what the overwhelming majority of infected individuals do experience.

NOTE: Currently, there is NO scientific proof that the information we are providing will be effective against the COVID-19 virus. However, there is plenty of scientific evidence that these steps HAVE BEEN effective to bolster immunity in previous studies. Get informed, then decide.

The following PowerPoint video includes much of that helpful information.