Please listen to what these patients had to say about their results. To see the individual's testimonial, just click on the video.

"Brother" Earl Compton- Earl Compton is a 78 year young man who had "excruciating pain" in his back and legs, and experienced "excellent" results.

Reverend Ralph Conn- This caring minister improved enough so that he could make his planned trip to "The Holy Land".

Donna Doyle- This vibrant tennis player was able to return to playing the sport she truly loves.

Mel Marengo- This avid golfer previously had surgery with metal fusions in his neck and low back. He is now off all pain pills, and playing better than ever!

Mercer Tyler- This 80 year young male said, "You gave me my life back!". He felt SO good that he decided to get his ears pierced again. (He MAY even get a tattoo!)

Linda Price- This lovely teaching assistant for "special needs kids" was able to return to her job without pain - helping the kids who need her.

Paul Shearer- This 86 year young gentleman had such great results, that he decided to become the president of  "The Dr. Pete Fan Club".