In our "store", we are actually providing the links to the information and products that we endorse to our patients. The vendors listed handle all transactions and customer service. Our endorsement has been earned by the outstanding success we have had with these companies over the years.

Life Extension: Anti-Aging Information, Research and Supplements

One Minute Cure: Multipurpose use of food-grade hydrogen peroxide

Posture Apparel: Clothing to enhance posture

Posture Equipment: Exercise products for the home

Train Smart: "The World's Fastest Workout" for building strength and muscle

Walk-Fit Orthotics: The best "order-by-size" orthotics available


Okabashi Sandals: Comfortable sandals with built-in arch support


Therapeutica Pillow: Ergonomic design provides support and stability


Pressure Point Therapy: Effective self-therapy anytime

Pressure Pointer: