Patient Forms

When you arrive at our office, our receptionist will welcome you, and invite you to visit our Hospitality Centre. Bottled water, gourmet coffee and tea are available for your relaxation and enjoyment. Organic mints also await you.

Because our office utilizes Electronic Medical Records, only one brief paper form is generally needed. We will photocopy your driver's license and insurance card(if applicable), to make the necessary information gathering easier for you.

Your Complaints, Health History and Functional Questionnaires will be completed on a very simple, "point and click",  tablet computer. As you select Health Information, that data immediately becomes part of your Medical Record - easy to share with your attorney or other health care providers.

Initial Consultation (NEVER a charge)

You will meet with the doctor to review your Personal Health Information. In addition, the doctor will ask you, "What are you hoping that we may be able to do for you?" You and the doctor will discuss YOUR health care goals. At Quantum Vitality Centres, YOU choose the level of care that you receive.

Preliminary Screening Examinations (NEVER a charge)

After your consultation, screening examinations will be performed  to help determine whether you are likely to be a chiropractic case. If the screening exams "rule you in"  as a chiropractic patient, the doctor may determine that 1) You are likely to repond to chiropractic care and  2) That we can accept you as a patient. If the tests indicate that you are NOT a chiropractic case, we cannot accept you as a patient. However, we CAN give you our opinion as to what kind of physician or specialist your condition requires. 

X-Ray Studies or other Diagnostic Examinations

If the preliminary tests indicate that we CAN accept you as a patient, x-rays or other diagnostic procedures may be recommended. If so, the necessity and cost of the additional procedures will be thoroughly explained before they are performed.

Once the examinations are completed, you will be scheduled for your next visit to review the findings and begin appropriate treatment..

Report of Findings (We recommend spouses or partners attend this visit)

After the doctor reviews your Health Information, Examination and Diagnostic findings, he will be able to answer for you-

1) What's wrong, 2) Can we help, and 3) What are the treatment options and costs?  

Then, you and the doctor will discuss the benefits and risks of treatment AND the benefits and risks of NOT taking treatment. Once you and the doctor have agreed upon the clinical approach that is best for YOU, your treatment plan will be scheduled. At this time you will also make financial arrangements for your care.

Patients generally schedule the first increment of visits - to the first re-evaluation progress examination


 Your first treatment may occur on the same day as your Report of Findings, or may be scheduled for another day. Treatment may include spinal adjustments, physical therapy, rehab exercises, non-needle acupuncture or nutrition. (Generally, nutrition services are  performed during separate office visits). 

At Quantum Vitality Centres, your feedback on personal preferences is always welcomed.

Wellness Program

Prior to leaving, the doctor will suggest a  wellness program  to incorporate outside of treatment.  If you are in pain when you first come into our office this may include: ice or heat application instructions, certain activities or positions to avoid, and at home exercises and/or stretches.  If you desire,  our wellness team will work with you also to create healthy habits and routines for your lifestyle.  Every person is unique, therefore everyone requires a  customized wellness plan.  The purpose  of our wellness program is for   you  to achieve good spinal alignment, have a  healthy diet, exercise, and maintain a positive mental state.