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Chiropractor Helps You Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness

Chiropractor Helps You Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness

Our chiropractor Dr. Pete Szakacs has helped people overcome the inner obstacles to great health since 1978. For all these years, he has continually pursued the latest research about new techniques and technological advances that can help people can reach their optimum health levels. No matter whether a patient suffers from a car accident or personal injury, chronic neck, shoulder, knee or back pain, he works personally with each one to help them truly heal without the use of medications. Our new blog will tackle some of the conditions we treat and the techniques we use to heal.

Chiropractic Care is About Healing from the Inside Out

Wesley Chapel chiropractor treats back pain and neck painDr. Pete's philosophy is to help people heal from the inside out by removing the obstacles that cause various forms of neuropathy. In other words, he seeks to correct dysfunctions and diseases of the nervous system. This is the basis of chiropractic care. Through careful and precise diagnosis of spinal misalignments, he can then apply gentle, effective spinal adjustment techniques that release pinched nerves so they can regulate the body's systems correctly.

In addition to highly-skilled spinal adjustments, we provide a host of other therapies designed to help the body heal itself. Dr. Pete is certified in acupuncture, deep tissue laser therapy and spinal decompression, all of which are great for relieving back and neck pain. We also have a certified massage therapist on staff. Dr. Pete is also trained in Nutritional Response Testing to precisely diagnose a patient's exact nutritional needs and sensitivities. We aim to provide complete holistic health solutions and individualized treatment plans for the well-being of each of our patients!

We have so much we want to share with you, and are eager to have the opportunity to help you feel your best! Are you curious about any of the treatments described above? Please ask us!

What questions do you have about the conditions we treat?