VITALITY - Can be defined as "Physical & Intellectual Vigor"

When patients say "I feel good", the question is, how "well" are they? At Quantum Vitality Centres, our paradigm is- in addition to FEELING good, it is important to BE good. That is why we have developed the 28 Day Vitality Challenge.

For "The Challenge", we measure 10 different important biomarkers from the natural healing world. Those objective measurements  are-

1) Postural Sway Rate (Balance/Fall Predictor)

2) Bilateral Weight Imbalance (measures stress on the joints)

3) Skin Age (Physiologic vs. Chronologic Age)

4) PIE Score(Personal Integrated Energy of Meridians)

5) Saliva pH (potential for Healing)

6) Body Fat % (more important than BMI)

7) Phase Angle (Anti-Aging term- #1 predictor of mortality!)

8) Oxygen Saturation (% of O2 in the plasma)

9) Ragland's Test (Adrenal exhaustion measurement)

10) Grip Ratio % (strength compared to body weight)

These numbers are combined in a formula to yield a "Vitality Quotient". Then, after 28 days of therapy, or vitamins, or exercise, we re-measure to compare how much the Vitality has improved.

Call the office to take The Challenge- 352.430.3399